Is NEET SS Online Coaching Worth it?

NEET SS is a highly competitive exam and with the number of candidates increasing every year, its going to be more competitive. This article discusses if you really need these online NEET SS Coaching classes.

Recently many online coaching centers have mushroomed up offering different types of video lectures, revision notes, previous mcqs and written material. But is it really worth it?

When you see Dr X securing rank1 in NEET SS, almost all of these apps and site paste his/her photo on their homepage claiming him to be their student ( actually it might be true also) but we have to look at the fact ultimately that student has enrolled in all courses, and has secured a good rank because of his hard work.


How NEET SS 2021 is going to be different this time

NEET SS 2021 after Covid Pandemic is going to be different from all other exams we have seen so far. The Covid fear will almost be gone as most of you will have been vaccinated. The Probability of NEET SS 2021 to happen in Jul- Aug is high and its time to start studying.

The Onco exam last time was a nightmare with questions coming from Onco Surgery, Gynae ENT and even 12th NCERT books. This time the confusion will be less as the candidates will be better prepared for what would be asked

How to Study for the General Surgery part, the 40 Questions

General Surgery Questions could to make or break your chances of success. The competition is going to be intense and even one correct answer is going to make a difference.

The questions like all years are going to be from Bailey and Sabiston and Ill try to give a break up here based on what I have been following over the last 5 years

  1. General Surgery 10 -15 Questions

Important Topics –

Heparin/Warfarin, Perioperative Complications, Shock and types, Electrolytes and Deficiencies, Complications of Parenteral Nutrition, Radiation and USG/CT, Evidence based Surgery, Statistics, Wounds, Sutures and Half lives, Wound Sepsis

2. Plastic Surgery and Flaps – 3-5 Questions

3. History of Surgery and Noble Prizes – 2 Questions , Lister, Pasteur, Koch’s Postulates etc

4. Transplant Immunosuppressants and complications 2-3 Questions

5. Chest and Trauma 2-3 Questions, Pneumothorax, Safety triangle

6. Neurosurgery 3-4 Questions

7. CTVS 1-2

8. Cystic Hygroma , Congenital cysts, Skin lesions 1-2

Surgery Books

Why I Love Bailey and Love

Bailey and Love 28th edition- The book over the years

Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery, 28th Edition: would be out soon and this time can be taken to reflect on all the previous editions. I came to know about this book in 1998 when 23rd edition was in vogue and over a period of few months realized it was a huge improvement over the 22nd one. The pages had almost doubled and so had the height of the paper.

The only thing that was annoying was that the consultants still did not have that edition and kept asking questions from the previous books of which I had no idea.

Fast Forward to 2021, and it still remains the best surgery book for undergraduate and post graduates all over the world till date. It remains the best surgery resource & first point of reference for students & practicing surgeons worldwide.

What makes it such a great book??

What is so great about the book, you ask!! The answer lies in the fact that you have to read it again and again to know it. It has everything you need in Bailey and just the right amount….

.The right kind of footnotes

.The right kind of tables

.The right kind of Diagrams

and the ever changing pictures of patients. No one can forget the lady with the horn on the forehead.


How to study for NEET-SS HPB & SGE and clear in 1st attempt ?

My strategy- Dr Kush S Parikh (Rank 6 -NEET SS 2020)

Hi!! I’m Dr Kush S Parikh from Mumbai. Spending my precious 9 yrs. I have been fortunate enough to clear my MBBS and MS from Seth GSMC and KEMH Mumbai clearing both UG and PG NEET entrances in 1st attempt . With Gods grace and support from family and loved ones, I managed to clear my exams with a gold medal in surgery in UG and in post graduation MS too, and now I look forward to accomplish my dream branch HPB and SGE by clearing NEET SS 2020 and securing Rank 6 in the 1st attempt. It just seems unreal and a dream come true.

Importance of residency in preparation for NEET
Residency in surgery being quite heavy and taxing, it is very difficult to find time to read…hence it is recommended to spend your 1st year in working and deciding what subject to prepare and pursue for SS by the time you enter 2nd year residency.
At the same time learn as much as you can in the 3 yrs…clinical , operative procedures and radiology ( CT, MRI and Xray) as what you practice.

When to start preparing during residency?
Select your subject by 2nd year..( please focus on one subject as preparing for 2nd is doing injustice to both during residency..
For repeaters – they can focus on an alternate branch) and gear up during your final year. Try to finish 2 readings by the end of final year.

What books to refer? And what method?
Are making notes important?
1.Bailey and love – cover to cover
2.SABISTON – cover to cover volume 1 plus GI
And selected stuff from specialty topics
3. SHackelford – read 2 times and make notes. Read HPB from shackelford.(It’s a concise blumgart )
4. Blumgart- I just read selected topics from blumgart which were high yielding.
Mainly blumgart is important for central exams.

Make a base book which you will read – for me it was SABISTON. It not only has clear and concise concepts but in almost all exams questions were asked from it. I had my sabiston duly underlined with all sorts of markers and that helped me a lot during the last exam days

I compiled stuff from bailey GI and shackelford gi and kept SABISTON as the base book.
For final revision… make notes and revise them 2 to 3 times in last 15 days. If not notes use sticky notes on diff pages and highlight imp points to revise.

Whatsapp groups and site
What role did it play and it’s whatsapp general and gi surgery group is the oldest and most competitive. If you are studying for Gi or onco surgery, its a must have. This was the only group I had subscribed for and I recommend all the students especially 1st attempters to participate in the whatsapp discussions or at least read through the discussion as you gain a lot when you apply what you read. Also , I retained stuff that is discussed and could analyze my mistakes.
The  site and app question bank is amazing. IT  also has mock tests which are quite relevant.
The website’s  whatsapp groups provide a platform to test yourself as well as discuss questions, solve doubts and compare your performance with other efficient and hard working competitors.. most of them secure great ranks.
Also daily new mcqs are discussed.. plus sir is extremely approachable for any doubts and he solves them with standard references.

What mcq banks and books to refer?
I had read only theory of pritesh Singh and solved RRM surgery sixer as my base book.for mcqs.
Other material –
KANTAMANI Teja- mission GI ( I solved a few sections) only question ans.. don’t read theory.

The ones I didn’t get time for.. but people recommended
1.Koncpt series
2.Speed test series..

What for image based questions?
On sirs group, ie an array of image based questions are discussed which are extremely helpful.

If you are a resident, can prepare your image bank on the phone itself.. also don’t ignore images with footnotes from the 3 bible books. Potential hidden questions everywhere. Try to understand the image.
Also Google search images and save them on the phone especially named image appearances. Also histopathological images.

For residents preparing for 1st attempt.. use all time that is available to prepare.. keep pdfs on the phone read and then highlight in your hard copy later.
SGE is a highly competitive entrance subject, hence be smart and efficient in preparation.

All the best